Does Your Small Business Need a Marketing Coach?

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You’ve got a problem, small or large, with online marketing for your small to medium sized business (SMB). Sometimes you can figure out what’s wrong. Other times you just want someone that’s outside your business to take a look at your situation, offer some more objective insight and coach you in finding a solution that works for you. That’s why we’re here. We show you how to master your marketing!

Thorne Communications LLC provides marketing coaching for the following areas:

  • Online Marketing ROI Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Marketing (articles, reports, speaking, etc.)
  • Blogging
  • Self Publishing (books and ebooks)
  • Email Marketing

Thorne Communications LLC is led by Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, a seasoned marketing professional with over 25 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, advertising and public relations. Much of her work over the years has been done for small to medium sized businesses, primarily in B2B industries. In addition to two advanced business degrees, Heidi also has five years of experience teaching at the college level. Her online marketing journey began with email marketing in 2005 and she has been an active blogger since 2010. (She practices what she preaches!) Heidi is also the author of several sales and marketing books for small business including Business Competitive Advantage: A Handbook for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Consultants and Looking Questions: 31 Questions that Can Change Your Business and Your Life.

To start a conversation on your marketing, complete the following form, scan the “Tell us what’s bugging you” list below and check any (or many!) that apply to you. Then hit Submit and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible on how we might be able to help.

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