Writing a business book? Starting (or restarting) a business blog? Let Heidi Thorne show you how!

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Jon-David, Mafia HairdresserHeidi Thorne is the expert at helping authors find their audience. She’ll cut out the long process and speed you on your way to being a successful author.  Jon-David, “The Mafia Hairdresser,” author and social media expert

BeStrategicCoverWebGraphicWorking with Heidi on getting my book published made life so much easier and took my book from a really good piece to an excellent resource.  I was so glad I decided to work with her on the project and didn’t try to do it myself…. Heidi is extremely knowledgeable in this area.  Her warm, caring, and patient way is a great match for most business owners looking to have their book be a tool for their business. Michelle Smith, Z & B Consulting, author of Be Strategic, Be Intentional, Be Successful

Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships by Alison HendersonWorking with Heidi was an absolute pleasure! If the one thing holding you back from publishing is the “publishing”- pick up the phone and call Heidi! I think it is true of all her clients that we literally could not have done it without her!… It was the only way my book was going to be ready by my deadline, but I would do it again (and I will) without question whether I have a hard deadline or not.

Heidi is patient and willing to explain more than once! She understands authors and her support and advice from beginning to end was exceptional. Seeing your name on a book and picking up the first one from the box is a thrill worth repeating.

I discovered I really like writing when it can be about the writing! Thank you, Heidi! Alison Henderson, Moving Image Studio, author of Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships: Understanding Why People Act the Way They Do

Lee Ann PianoThank you Heidi for your expertise in helping me get my first book finished. I could not have done it without you. You were knowledgeable and kept me accountable to a firm schedule and walked me through the entire process and even went the extra mile when we ran into that formatting challenge. I achieved my goal for my Go For It! Success Tips book and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done… you made my first book easy!  Lee Ann Piano, Speaker, Fine Tuning for Success

I learned how to do all the steps of self publishing on Createspace, and feel that I can do it on my own.  Joan Llewellyn-Burns, author of upcoming book, Predetermined

brad-shorr-2014When I ventured into online publishing, I had no idea how to even start. Heidi was an enormous help, both in giving me a strategic framework and pointing out crucial details I never would have thought of. Brad Shorr, Director of B2B Marketing, Straight North