Blogging for Money eBook Published by Heidi Thorne

Blogging for Money by Heidi ThorneAuthor and nonfiction book editor, Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has published a Kindle eBook on titled: Blogging for Money: Myths and Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Blog for Profit.

Written for those who are starting a blog or those who are frustrated with blogging, Dr. Thorne shares her insight on myths and mistakes she’s observed and experienced from blogging for business since 2010, including:

  • Top 9 Reasons to Start a Blog
  • Why No One Needs Your Blog
  • Blogging Green (or Gold!) in Evergreen Content
  • Guest Blog Guidelines
  • Why Successful Bloggers Can Be the Worst Role Models
  • Measuring Blog Success
  • Why Closing Your Blog Could be the Best Thing You Could Do for It (and Yourself!)

The eBook is available on Amazon at

“Why did I write this eBook? I just got sick of seeing all the hype and misinformation about ways to make crazy big blog income. The blogosphere is a super competitive place these days. It’s just not as likely to make a living at it as was possible some years back. My hope is that readers will take a ‘eyes wide open’ view of the blogging success they can realistically achieve,” says Dr. Thorne.

Dr. Heidi Thorne is the author of over 20 self published print books and eBooks on the topics of business, self publishing, and marketing. She was a trade newspaper editor for over 15 years and she has over 25 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, and advertising. To learn more about Dr. Thorne, visit