Heidi Thorne Writes Guest Post on Trade Show Lead Generation Tech for Straight North Blog

Author and marketing expert, Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has written a guest post on trade show lead generation technology for the Straight North Lead Generation Insights blog titled, “Does Trade Show Lead Generation Tech Product More Leads?” Straight North is a digital marketing agency in Chicago’s west suburbs.

Self Publishing Survey: 67.50% of Authors Consider Traditional Publishing

Self Publishing vs Traditional Publishing 2016 by Heidi Thorne The Thorne Self Publishing Survey 2016 found that 67.50% of surveyed authors have considered the traditional publishing path, meaning getting a book deal from a publishing house instead of doing it themselves. “With today’s availability and cost effectiveness of self publishing, it is surprising that such a […]

Self Publishing Survey: 29.63% of Authors Say Time, Money Issues are Top Challenges

Self Published Authors Challenges 2016 by Heidi Thorne The Thorne Self Publishing Survey 2016 found that the top challenges self published authors face are in a three-way tie: no time, not making enough money from books, and don’t know where or how to market books (29.63% of survey respondents for each). “Given that there was a […]

Self Publishing Survey: 58.54% Say Making Money is Top Motivation

Self Published Authors Motivations 2016 by Heidi Thorne The Thorne Self Publishing Survey 2016 found that the top answer to what motivates authors to self publish is to make money from book and eBook sales and royalties (58.54% of respondents). What is ironic is that 51.25% of surveyed authors are making less than $100 from their […]

Self Publishing Survey: 51.25% of Authors Made $100 or Less from Books in 2016

The Thorne Self Publishing Survey 2016 found that 51.25% of participating self published authors reported making $100 or less in book income from their books and eBooks in 2016. Some authors even made $0 or lost money. “In spite of their book sales results being disappointing, the self published authors I surveyed remain optimistic about their […]

Heidi Thorne Publishes 2016 Self Publishing Survey Results

On December 22, 2016, author and editor, Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, published results from the Thorne Self Publishing Survey 2016. The survey was conducted from July to November 2016 and anonymously surveyed 86 self published authors on a variety of issues including book sales and forecasts, motivations, challenges and familiarity with traditional and self publishing models. Women, […]

Heidi Thorne Launches Podcast on Self Publishing

Self publishing expert, author and business speaker, Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has launched a new “Books, Blogs and Business” podcast show to discuss self publishing, blogging, networking and marketing for authors, consultants and speakers. In addition to the podcast site, episodes of the show can also be accessed on iTunes. “This podcast offers my audience a […]

Heidi Thorne Writes Book on Small Business Failures

Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has written a book titled, Small Business Failures Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Consultants Need to Avoid! It is available in paperback and Kindle eBook on Amazon.com. Written expressly for solopreneurs and self-employed consultants, Heidi discusses key behaviors and attitudes that can lead to small business failures in one-person operations. Topics include: Identities […]