Heidi Thorne to Present Content Marketing Secrets Webinar

Why does your competitor seem to be getting a lot of attention? How are they getting noticed? Here’s one of their secrets: Content! The BrightTalk webinar, Content Marketing Secrets to Build Your Competitive Advantage, presented by promotional marketing expert Heidi Thorne, will delve into what content is and how to leverage it to build a business. The webinar will be broadcast live on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. Central Time (US), but will be available on-demand any time after it airs.

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Fact is, you could be the best at what you do, even be more experienced, capable or talented than your competitor. But if people don’t know who you are, what you’re all about and you’re not easy to find, your “famous” competitor wins. In this session, you’ll learn secrets of killer content creation that drive traffic—and opportunities—to you, including:

  • What exactly is content? (You might be surprised.)
  • The 3 F’s to Becoming a Stronger Competitor
  • Cheap Ways to Create and Promote—Even Sell!—Your Content
  • Finding Your Content Focus
  • Filling Your Sales Funnels (Yes, that’s plural)

Business Competitive Advantage by Heidi ThorneYour presenter, Heidi Thorne of Thorne Communications LLC, has been able to leverage her social media and online activities into cash in the bank business for her company which primarily serves B2B clients. Her presentation will offer practical tips for growing a business with online and offline marketing tools.

Heidi is a promotional expert, speaker, blogger and author of several books on marketing including: Business Competitive Advantage: A Handbook for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Consultants. She brings over 25 years of experience in the fields of advertising, marketing, sales and public relations to this program, including a decade in the trade show and hospitality industries. Learn more about Heidi at HeidiThorne.com.