Heidi Thorne Hosts Podcast with Guest Dan Holohan of HeatingHelp.com

Heidi Thorne visits with Dan Holohan of HeatingHelp.com
Heidi Thorne visits with Dan Holohan of HeatingHelp.com

Have you ever met anyone who has made over $1 million over the years from a self publishing empire? Hydronic heating expert, Dan Holohan, of HeatingHelp.com, is living proof that it’s possible.

Marketing and self publishing coach, Heidi Thorne of Thorne Communications LLC, hosted a podcast with Dan to discuss some of his success strategies with self publishing.

Of course, Dan’s results are not typical and his strategies may not work for everyone. But they do illustrate the power of knowing one’s market and building a self publishing platform.

In the podcast, Heidi and Dan discuss:

  • Building community to support self publishing efforts.
  • “Recycling” and “repurposing” self published works to serve and sell both new and existing customers.
  • Expanding reach by creating “products” versus “services.”
  • How self publishing has changed over the years.
  • Using email marketing to build community and buyers.

Dan is a recognized heating expert on topics such as boilers, radiators, solar heating and energy issues. He has been self publishing on these topics for decades and has a loyal online community of 50,000+ registered users who are heating and plumbing professionals, but include homeowners and other interested groups, too. His website, HeatingHelp.com launched in 1997. His “Wall” industry discussion forum, with over 91,000 conversations on these topics, began long before Facebook even made the scene. His most popular book, the Lost Art of Steam Heating, which he first published in 1992, is STILL selling today. Plus, Dan’s weekly e-newsletter, which has over 6,200 subscribers, is a no-nonsense and often humorous insight on developments in energy and heating topics. In January 2016, Dan’s business was the subject of a feature article in The New Yorker.