Heidi Thorne Publishes Ebook on Email Marketing

Email Marketing TipsHeidi Thorne of Thorne Communications LLC, has just published a new book on email marketing titled, [tweetherder]Email Marketing Tips for Getting Started, available as an ebook on Amazon.com for Kindle and mobile devices.[/tweetherder] The book discusses issues that need to be addressed when launching an email strategy.

“Everyone, especially small business, is being told that email marketing is the way to advertise and promote a business. And, honestly, it’s easy to launch a campaign with some of the great email tools and systems out there. But what isn’t easy is figuring out how to build an email list, what content should be created and what’s the best way to time and test campaigns. So this quick reading ebook helps small business owners, in particular, go through the mental process of beginning an email marketing strategy,” says author Heidi Thorne.

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