Heidi Thorne Writes New Edition of Business Competitive Advantage

Business Competitive Advantage by Heidi ThornePromotional marketing expert author and speaker, Heidi Thorne, has written an updated edition of her book, Business Competitive Advantage: A Handbook for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Consultants. The book is available in paperback and for Kindle and mobile devices on Amazon.

As in the first edition, this updated work focuses on practical sales and marketing tips to help small businesses gain a competitive edge. However, thisĀ revised and expanded book includes over 60 pages of new material featuring several handy references on:

  • Pricing Strategies in Marketing
  • Methods of Sales Forecasting
  • Calculating Profit Margins and Market Share
  • How to Plan for Sales Slumps

Additional segments of the book cover identification and analysis of competitors, customers and customer service issues.

“While some of the new material may seem pretty basic, it’s amazing how many small businesses ignore these principles and torpedo their competitive advantage by doing so,” says Heidi. “That’s why I’ve included them in this updated edition.”


Heidi Thorne is a promotional marketing expert with over 25 years experience in sales, marketing, advertising and public relations, including a decade in the trade show and hospitality industries. Visit www.HeidiThorne.com to contact about hiring HeidiĀ for speaking and writing engagements.