Heidi Thorne Publishes Audio Book on Self Publishing

Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has published an audio book on the business of self publishing titled, Self Publishing to Make Money: What You Need to Know, which is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes Audio Books. The title is also available in print and Kindle eBook on Amazon. “I’ve been so annoyed with the […]

Heidi Thorne Publishes Two More Audio Editions of Small Business Titles on Audible, Amazon and iTunes

   Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has just completed publishing audio editions of two of her titles on small business sales topics. How to Network: Networking Tips for Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Consultants and Small Business Failures Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Consultants Need to Avoid are now available on Audible.com, Amazon.com and iTunes. “I’ve been amazed at the […]

Promotional Products Book by Heidi Thorne Now Available in Audio Edition

SWAG: How to Choose and Use Promotional Products for Marketing Your Business, a book on promotional products (swag) buying tips by Heidi Thorne, is now available in audio format on Audible.com, iTunes Audio Books, and Amazon.com. SWAG was originally published as a print book and Kindle eBook in 2011. The release of the audio edition […]

Heidi Thorne Publishes Her First Audio Book on Audible.com

Dr. Heidi Thorne, MBA/DBA, has published her first audio book on Audible.com. The book is the audio version of her existing Kindle eBook, Invisible Competition: Hidden Forces that Steal Sales from Small Businesses, Solopreneurs and Self-Employed Consultants. As the title suggests, the book discusses sales issues for small businesses. Audio editions of many of Heidi’s other […]